The Different Types of Slot Bonuses

The Different Types of Slot Bonuses

It is usual for online slots machines to have a large house edge. This means that if a player does not end up with a huge winning, it’s easy to say goodbye to the whole bankroll. That’s why slot bonuses are important to any slots game online. These bonuses will give players the chance to play much longer. Furthermore, large bonuses offset the usual large house edge. They are also known to shift the odds in favor of the player.

There are wagering requirements that are tough in slots online. For one, the house edge is usually high. There is also a huge number of slots that are available online, making it hard for players to complete their betting demands since these can vary. It is the bonuses that can neutralize the large house edge and can make better opportunities for the player. The following are some of the bonus types available:

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“Phantom” Sticky Bonuses

This type is the most commonly used variation of sticky bonuses. This is the kind that is used by the great names in the world of online casino and gaming such as Playtech, RTG, and Microgaming. It has a specific characteristic. It is immediately added to the account of the player and the player can use it anytime when betting. However, when it comes to withdrawal, the amount is subtracted from the balance of the player.

Cashable Bonuses

This type of bonus comes with a wagering requirement. It may be lower for slots compared to other table games in the casino. These are called pre-wager slot bonuses have a sensible betting requirement, but they can be profitable. These bonuses are known as the most common and the simplest kind. This is available for withdrawal after the player’s completion of a wagering requirement which varies in every casino. That is why it is important to check on the online casino’s terms and conditions before claiming a bonus. Often, there are limitations and they are stated under the terms and conditions.

Sticky Bonuses

Much like the cashable bonuses, these bonuses also have a waging requirement. The betting requirements may be low, and these bonuses can still be profitable. There are online casinos that allow opportunities to acquire sticky bonuses without any waging requirement. The downside of this type of bonus is that if the player wins a huge jackpot, they will probably not be allowed to acquire the whole amount of winnings.


There are different types of slot bonuses. You have to be more familiar with them for you to be able to use them in the most profitable way.

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